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Data Migration

Moving from one system to another can be a painful process. And with numerous mission-critical milestones associated with moving from one system to another, it's a process that should be left to the experts. After all, you wouldn't do brain surgery on yourself, nor would you go to a surgeon that has never performed neurosurgery before. The same principles apply to software, where you need a trusted and seasoned consulting company that lives, breathes and understands the terrain of data migrations—a company like Get Efficient.

Data Migration
is the process of transferring data between one technology platform and another.  This is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade or consolidation. It becomes necessary for a variety of reasons, including server or storage equipment replacements, maintenance or upgrades, application migration, website consolidation and data center relocation. To achieve an effective data migration, Get Efficient maps data on the old system to the new system. This mapping process relates old data formats to the new system's formats and requirements. As an example, new fields may need to be added, existing fields may have changed in size or naming convention, or the new system may have new requirements for data. All of these items will be considered and addressed in the data migration process, and once completed, data in the new system will be validated and tested. 

Get Efficient manages data migration projects on a daily basis and has conducted hundreds of successful transfers. We offer both hourly and managed services to support your entire project, or just the data migration portion.

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