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Say Goodbye to lengthy implementations and costly customizations. 

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Complex Requirements for your Program?

Complex requirements for a program?  Not for us, try to stump us.  We have clients come to us with requirements that "no one else can solve without customization".  Not us.  Our platform is built using Web Parts philosophy, which are like little building blocks that do many different functions.  We are like the Minecraft of certification requirements.  We take our pre-built pieces of workflow and put them into your workflow to deliver a solution that is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to change as your requirements change.  We are Agile to the max without customizations.

Web Parts: 
Web Parts are small blocks of user interface, which you can compose together to build a page, site, process or a workflow. For example, A Document Upload Web Part, an Video Upload Web Part, a Form Web Part, a CEU Web Part, A Background Check Web Part, An Agreement Web Part. These are all examples of little pieces of user interface, which you can compose together to get an aggregate view in, a portal style application.

Get Efficient knows education, certification and credentialing, we built what you need and help you put it together.

Certification Bank

An online platform created by educators. Dedicated to providing a streamlined workflow for students, teachers and certifying bodies.

CertBank allows you to focus on:
your training
your students
your teachers
your reviewers and
your mission
taking the technology out of your hands.

Let's play Education Minecraft together!  We can meet those complex requirements, we can prove it.

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