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Self Service, Review and Approval

Our self service is superior.  Whether the user is a student, a teacher, a reviewer, an approver, a staff person -- they can help themselves.  Our role based system allows people to interact with the platform to perform all functions necessary to complete the process.  I mean what are we trying to achieve?  A lot of unnecessary work for everyone or a streamlined process where people can find what hey need when they need it?  Students can check progress, update submissions, edit submissions.  Reviewers and approvers can view student progress, comment on submissions, flag evidence for more information and ultimately grant the certificate, credential, certification.  All done with ease and providing staff a 360 degree view of the process.  

Self Service: 
Self-service technology (SST) defines as a technology interface that enables the customer to produce and consume services without direct assistance from employees. SST can certainly reduce labor cost to the service provider where personal service can provide direct service to client at a higher level.

Get Efficient takes the work out of workflow for all parties involved.

Certification Bank

An online platform created by educators. Dedicated to providing a streamlined workflow for students, teachers and certifying bodies.

CertBank allows you to focus on:
your training
your students
your teachers
your reviewers and
your mission
taking the technology out of your hands.

If you need to do more with less resources, we can help you, we can prove it.

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